DriverMax 8.18

Update, manage and restore your drivers for free

DriverMax is a comprehensive driver app, allowing you to detect missing or outdated drivers, back them up and restore them, in case the worst should happen. View full description


  • Imports and exports drivers easily
  • Offers a good range of features


  • A little slow
  • may not reinstall all drivers correctly
  • Pretty outdated interface

Very good

DriverMax is a comprehensive driver app, allowing you to detect missing or outdated drivers, back them up and restore them, in case the worst should happen.

In most cases when Windows is running slower, faulty driver installations are to blame. The problem is that Windows automatically stores versions of older drivers just in case you want to roll back, but sometimes it these conflict with the new ones.

DriverMax basically backs-up and restores driver in a very attractive and well presented interface. It has a powerful export wizard to help you export the drivers you need to back up by copying the required files to a folder or compressed ZIP file. After reinstalling Windows, DriverMax can ensure that all drivers are reinstalled.

While the process is nowhere near this quick - or straightforward because many drivers may not work properly first time round - it is on the whole very easy to use and efficient. DriverMax certainly saves you the hours of searching and installing that you'd usually have to go through.

DriverMax also allows you to keep all your drivers up to date. The scanning and download process is straightforward (although it can take a while), and installing new versions of drivers is very simple. It's also worth pointing out that for a free driver app, DriverMax certainly offers more features than rival programs.

DriverMax is a powerful driver installation and restore tool that's easy enough for beginners and does the job in decent time.

DriverMax is a new program which allows you to easily reinstall all your Windows drivers. No more searching for rare drivers on discs or on the web or inserting one installation CD after the other.

Simply export all your current drivers (or just the ones that work ok) to a folder or a compressed file. After reinstalling Windows you will have everything in one place!

User reviews about DriverMax

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    "They SUCK !!!"

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